One of the most most annoying things about ‘popular’ people who have never really gotten over high school is their condescending “we know best” attitude.

None, in my estimation,  are more annoying then the infamous bleached-blonde Carrie Bradshaw wannabe, CityKat.

Honestly I have no idea why she was ever hired as a columnist for Fairfax papers, considering her articles are usually a ‘Sex & The City’ pastiche.

Nor do I know why she claims to be a ‘multi-media guru’ when she only has a Tumblr (Twelve year olds have Tumblrs).

This week City Kat has decided to latch onto gamers declaring them as “dull boys” who have misogynistic views of women due to the games they play.

Oh dear.

In her column Kat claims to not be a ‘gaming expert’. However despite her complete lack of knowledge concerning gaming she’s decided that all gamers should get off the Xbox and go for a run if they wish to get laid.

As someone whose dated four gamers and happens to be married to one I have this to say.

1. It never seems to occur to Kat that the reason why gamers are not engaging her in heavy conversation is that they have nothing in common. Why should someone engage in an inane boring conversation with someone whose obsessed with going out for texting and scones? Gamers tend to enjoy dating girls with similar interests. Although I’m not a gamer myself my husband and I have similar interests such as scifi, fantasy, pop culture and sitcoms.

Why should a gamer give up what they love? For the slim hope they might get to sleep with a girl who has no respect for their interests?

This isn’t the 80s, ‘Revenge of the Nerds’ is SO over, there are plenty of beautiful, intelligent female gamers for guys to be with.

2. According to Kat gamers risk social isolation and an inability to connect with people. Contrary to popular stereotypes introverted gamers experience rich social lives. The attend conventions, post on online forums and blogs, frequent chat rooms. In fact many gamers choose to play with other gamers!

Barring one terrible exception (a guy who ignored me for a month so he could play Guitar Hero) all the gamers I know have excellent social skills. Yes they are sometimes quiet but they are always polite, respectful and willing to listen to someone’s opinions. Of course you would have to be or risk being called as a troll online.

3. Gamer’s apparently do not respect women due to the characters having big boobs.

Ok, this entire statement reeks of slut shaming.

Yes some female video game characters have giant breasts and costumes that replicate underwear.

However almost all female characters are also intelligent, strong minded and heroic with brilliant careers.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a video game starring a shallow, stupid, cruel woman who spent their life watching television or binge-drinking.

In fact one of the most popular video games of the past ten years, ‘Portal’ stars two non-sexual women!

The protagonist is a young woman in an unflattering jumpsuit without a stitch of make-up. The main villain is a female AI computer which is physically a giant robot arm!

Like I said, I do not consider myself to be a gamer. However, I do play simple points based video games obsessively. Although I can never get into ‘Legends of Zelda’ I am obsessed with ‘Loco Roco’, ‘Me & My Katamari’ and ‘Fruit Ninja’. Considering some male partners choose to relax by binge drinking, shooting up heroin or whacking off obsessively to porn, gamers are pretty harmless

In fact having a partner whose a gamer can be a godsend, when coming home from a difficult day it’s healthy for them to release stress by killing some zombies instead of focussing their anxiety on you.

CityKat’s entire article in many ways seems to reek of 80′s cheer leader elitism. You know the drill, the cliche blond bombshell makes over the nerd so he becomes an attractive but ultimately empty shallow core of a human being. Her response to the comments is even more immature as she insists gamers should ‘get out into the great outdoors’. Telling a gamer to give up their lifestyle to suite your own shallow needs is nothing more then bullying. Have a problem with gamers? Don’t date gamers! Go back to hanging out in clubs with borderline alcoholics!

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My name is hezzabeth. I own a cat named Happy and I'm a non japanese, japanese conceptional artist. I once won the noble prize for kick boxing.
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