Kneel before Zod

This is Adam. Follow him here: @vanAdamme

He loves the way ducks taste but hates the way they look at him.

He hasn’t met you but he probably wouldn’t like you.

His goal in life is to punch Jack Black in the mouth.

He once ate a cat.



You can follow Elizabeth here: @ElizabethFlux

Her life skills include the ability to catch thirty coins off her elbow and play the Lord of the Rings theme on piano.

In the time it took you to read this, she has probably already either tripped over or walked into something. Or both.




This is Harry. He would prefer to be followed here @actuallyharry than on the street, though if in a bind would reject neither.

Likes Toyota, but not Latoya. Disney, but not Sydney. Miyazaki, but not Teriyaki.

Learned to catch, skin and cook a rabbit before he could ride a bike, but refuses to let a snail crawl on his bare skin.


Do you like Huey Lewis & The News?


This is Mike. Follow him here: @mikestuchbery.

He probably likes you. With a nice Chianti.

He is a passionate advocate for, and adherent to, the Custom of the Sea.


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