you may have missed the boat on: JOURNEYQUEST

A web series fantasy tale, with its tongue nestled nicely in its cheek, about a group of misfit adventurers on a quest to find a mystical sword. Riddled with fantastic (no pun intended…) characters – such as the hapless wizard, the droll elf, the apathetic paladin and the moronic brave knight (who is “far too brave to grant mercy”) – and endless witticisms, we follow a young enthusiastic Bard who is recording the epic story with journalistic prowess.

Why you may have missed it:

Most people miss web series, so it is easy to do so, but word of mouth is getting strong on this one. A Dead Gentlemen production – the same guys who did cult hit films The Gamers and its sequel The Gamers: Dorkness Rising – the show is almost entirely fan-funded. It stands on the principles of ‘no studio, no networks, no cancellation’ – as long as the fans keep chipping in the show will continue on its merry way, which I hope it will.

Why it’s worth catching up on:

Well written and uber-dorky the show is a lot of fun. The seemingly endless array of characters could have been ripped right from a D&D game and as the show progresses the characters start evolving in strange ways and then it gets really fun. Once the second season hits, the production values and episode length increase and it starts feeling less like a web-produced show and something real and mighty.

The quest and the story are inconsequential; I’m in it for the humour. At one point the knight defends himself from a warlock by telling him to “save your riddles for the literate”, and upon seeing the wizard’s crappy milk-summoning spell, an Orc refers to him as the “lactomancer”. Gold.  Also, the Bard Academy is a stroke of pure genius.

The cast is great and seems to be having about as much fun as we are. The ever-amazing Fran Kranz turns up in the second season and steals the show as a womanising bard luminary, but really, all are in the spirit of the fun.

Any show that opens with a group of Orcs accosting a woman and she baring a badge and declaring “Bardic immunity!” is a show you know will be a good time. Also, at less than 10mins an episode, it won’t take long to get through, and allows for many, many re-watchings.

This is the love-child of:

World of Warcraft and Joss Whedon’s Brain.

Catch a glimpse of it here:

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3 Responses to you may have missed the boat on: JOURNEYQUEST

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  2. Zamomin says:

    Great review, however, I strongly disagree with the sentiment that the “story in inconsequential”.
    For example, Carrow’s story arc is really interesting and original: from crumpy cleric, to a theoretical impossible form of undead, to a death priest (maybe?).

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