you may have missed the boat on: HARPER’S ISLAND

Harper's Island

What is it?
Harper’s Island is the ideal location for a wedding retreat if you overlook the gruesome killing spree that took place there seven years earlier. For everyone other than Abby,whose mother was one of the original victims, enough time has passed and they can just shake it off like a bad ghost story. The murderer is long dead, the week is just starting, and hey, Cousin Ben probably just missed the boat. It takes them a while to notice that the party’s numbers are gradually dwindling, one by one…

Why you may have missed it:
Loosely based on Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None, the series ran for 13 episodes and is more like an extended suspense movie rather than a television show. As a result, to miss a single episode means confusion, havoc and, in most cases, giving up. As more and more people dropped off, the program was moved to a progressively later and unpopular timeslot until it inevitably slipped into the land of infomercials and obscurity – a spot usually reserved for Joss Whedon shows. 

Having a week between episodes just doesn’t work. You need to sit down, lock all the doors, and bunker down with all the lights on until it’s over.

Why it’s worth catching up on:
This is a very elegantly constructed murder mystery which is also surprisingly terrifying. An episode ends. You think you’re fine. Then you realise you need to go outside to get something and all of a sudden you need a friend to accompany you to the bathroom at all times and start shying away from all trees. And pools. And churches. And boats.

Each character has their own absorbing storyline, nefarious motives and background, and the plot is unpredictable, full of twists and shocking. It will toy with your emotions more than an Adele CD. Also the titles of each episode are onomatopoeic of the sound made by the character which was killed off, e.g. Whap, Ka-Blam, Thwack and Sploosh. Amazing.

This is the love-child of:
Murder on the Orient Express, Cluedo, and I Still Know What You Did Last Summer.

Catch a glimpse of it here:

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