I think Wil is the one with the beard

I don’t watch Star Trek. Never have. Never will. I know there’s a fat Scottish guy in it and no light sabers. I’m aware that Professor X was in it and one of the characters liked to have sex with green women. I only know the name Wil Wheaton from his many Big Bang Theory appearances. He seems like a nice boy. I think I’d like him.

Now though, I want to bear his children.

Two days ago Mr. Wheaton announced the launch of his new YouTube television series, Tabletop. Ms. Felicia Day had approached Wheaton about doing a series for her YouTube channel, Geek and Sundry. She suggested something to do with gaming and he counter-suggested a show wherein the pair get together with other interesting people and play board games.

That’s right. Board games. Be still my occasionally beating heart.

Wheaton wants the show to be an example of how fun board games are and that getting together on a Saturday evening to play them is no different from doing so to play poker or watch football. It’s just harder to talk about it to “normals” afterwards.

Season one will apparently feature games such as Settlers of Catan, The Last Night on Earth, Munchkin, Small World and Alhambra. All games that I have played and enjoyed several times (although most hardcore gamers will punch you in the mouth for mentioning Munchkin). He has also stated that they will be playing some less-known indie games that he loves.

The only downside is that he doesn’t think deck building games (such as Dominion and Ascension) will make it to the show because the most interest aspect of them occurs in the player’s minds. Although a poker-style “camera under the table” trick might be kind of cool.

The show will air once a fortnight starting on April 2 and more info can be found here.

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  1. Rich says:

    Awesome! I look forward to watching it.. Thanks


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