We’re trying some new things here at SDC, because we want to be your first destination for geeky news. Bear with us as we roll out a few new things – like these roundups – over the next few weeks.

  • Guy Pearce to put the Weyland into ‘Weyland-Yutani’ in ‘Prometheus’. – AICN
  • Spock lays the smackdown on Sherlock in ‘Star Trek 2’ set photos. – AICN
  • ‘Game of Thrones’ trailer brings the pain and the fighting and the drama. – AICN
  • ‘ComicCon’ takes you to nerd Ground Zero. – Apple Trailers
  • Watch some Indian secret agent asskicking in ‘Agent Vindo’ – Apple Trailers

Any news or scoops? We’d love ’em. Send ’em to!

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